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Bill Pay

Pay by Online

Visit portal.smile.com.bd to pay your bill quickly and conveniently with Net Banking, Credit Cards or Mobile Banking.

Pay by Cash

To make the Bill payment system more convenient, SMILE Broadband offers Home Pickup or Office drop facility to subscribers willing to make cash payment. Subscribers willing to pay the bill from home, can pay against an official payment receipt to an authorized SMILE representative. To avail this facility, please call SMILE Credit control department at +8809666 666 666 (from any number) or send an e-mail to billing@bdcom.com. This service is provided Free of Cost.

Subscribers can also visit any of the Bill payment/recharge SMILE point and pay the dues in cash. The designated SMILE point will process the payment and provide subscriber with an authorized payment receipt.

Pay by Cheque

Subscribers can pay the bill of SMILE Broadband Service by Bank Cheque. Bank cheques can be delivered to SMILE through SMILE Boxes at different Banks, Courier or Home Pick-up options.